Updated template styles

Overview of changesEdit

  • Existing starter kit templates rewritten with little/no inline CSS - it now uses sitewide (and themed) CSS classes.
  • Template code has generally been cleaned up
  • Template:Infobox has been completely redone: it's now a generic infobox that can be copied and edited as a basis for other templates. (It is no longer a template with which to create other templates). Also includes some sample 'if' rows.
  • CSS class info can be found in the Template:Infobox documentation
  • Important notes:
    • For data rows, left column should always be a header, right column should be a normal cell - otherwise padding gets a little odd. Slightly restrictive, but solution is to tweak styles inline. Hopefully rare cases.
    • Columns aren't equally spaced, depending on content. Solution: added 'hidden' 50% width cells at table ends (don't want to force 2 column in site CSS)

The templatesEdit

Development versions reside here. Cleanly applied versions can be found on

Generic infobox

Documentation templateEdit

Ignore meEdit

Big-huge if statement generic infobox thing. Too complex!

Tasks completedEdit

  • Open technical CSS bugs to be fixed:
    • Section rule titles currently need to be wrapped in divs<s> Now using div for the classing
    • <s>Image captions are misaligned: they're inheriting the padding from the <td> - needs balancing via class.
    • Section rules are similarly misaligned
  • Update table layouts for tweaked code
  • Rename templates
  • Try switching tables to wikitext (not HTML) again
    • Ran into the linespace issue again with 'if's
    • Removed most of the ifs, they're confusing anyway (especially to newbies)
  • Building block notes added to Template:Infobox
  • Recheck default image widths. 206px may be better.

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